Almost real…

July Book Photo Challenge Day 13 - Bookshelf.
Half of my books, under my desk. 

Day 20: I Read YA 
These are just a few books of the wonderful genre of YA. 

July Book Photo Challenge: Day Thirteen↳ Bookshelf

My headboard bookshelf is the one reason I can fit all of my books in my room. Right now, most of my YA fiction resides here. (My contemporary YA is in a different bookshelf, sadly.)



instead of, you know, actually reading, I’ve been searching for even more books to read. ya feel?

I feel.

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pseudoteenlibrarian replied to your photo
how are you liking it? I flew right through this book.
Idk, I’ve only read a few pages, not enough to know if I like it yet.
"After Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, I want to write a medieval fantasy for Sean Bean where he has a nice day and things go well."



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I have this horrible problem where I will read the first book in a series or trilogy and really love it but then be too lazy to read the rest of the books in the series

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"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

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ffitbt said: Hello :) could you answer 27 and 50, please? :)
  • 27.Name 5 facts about your appearance:
    1. I’ve got green eyes, with some yellow and tiny bit blue
    2. My hair is kinda blonde, but it’s also brunette with streaks of red that you only see in the sunlight. Idk what kinda hair color I’ve got, not even my hairdresser knows
    3. My hair is also stupidly straight and soft, it’s so difficult to style it.
    4. I’m 163 cm(which is 5’4” i think)
    5. I consider myself pretty average looking
  • 50.5 random facts about yourself:
    1. I LOVE rings
    2. I’m also addicted to nail polish
    3. I usually wear skirts and dresses. But not at work though, doesn’t fit with the uniform.
    4. I love buying stuff, but hate spending money.
    5. I’m currently eating chocolate and drinking coke
Anonymous said: This is a get to know you chain message, thanks for being one of my favorite blogs! List your five favorite books characters and send then this on to your five favorite blogs! Happy reading!

Aw, you’re so nice!

  1. Mara Dyer
  2. Tessa Grey
  3. Augustus Waters
  4. Noah Shaw
  5. Ruby Daly